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Arcade Game of Rifle Range-Cast Iron & Wood *sold*


Arcade Game of Rifle Range-Cast Iron & Wood

We were able to stump quite a few long-time Arcade toys collectors with this one.  It is a circa 1923 pinball machine style “Rifle Range” toy.

One of the best features of this is the three “Nipper” style RCA dogs that are used for targets.  The game comes with metal marbles for shooting the dog’s base; the dog then spins upside down in defeat.

The cast iron gun with spring loaded flipper is a blast to use, and has so much power that it can break windows and plates.  -Be careful kids & adults!

The finish and toy appears completely original and it even has an intact Arcade toys sticker by the shooter.  The wood and varnish have some wear, but is in excellent condition for a 1935 toy.  We won’t likely see another for quite a long time.

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