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Cast Iron Cat Doorstop for Sale


Cast Iron Cat Doorstop

We want this, but we do have a business.  Our cast iron cat looks cute, doesn’t talk back, doesn’t require “service”, and is cute as heck.  Hubley made this cast iron door stop around the 1930’s along with all the stoic cast iron toys.  The company had a soft side.

Our cat is very evocative and has a touch of Art Deco.  It also seems to have a personality and, I’ll dare say, the artist had a great sense of expression.

The door stop is in very good condition for its age.  The outside has some minor bumps and chipping that has oxidized about the same color as the casting.  The face has abrasions to the cheeks and to the nose.  Underneath there is some floor wear as expected.  Then the inside has oxidation as expected for an old casting.

It is a treat.  Add it to your collection or simply consider it functioning art.


Hubley Mfg. Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
1894 to date
Slogan: “They`re Different”
Founder: John E. Hubley
Specialty: Brand name: Lancaster Brand Iron Toys. Originally manufactured electric toy train equipment and parts. Purchased Safety Buggy Co. factory and moved to site in 1909. First manufactured cast-iron toys, horse-drawn wagons and fire engines, circus trains, and cap guns. Toy autos became the headliners in 1930s. By quickly converting to cheaper smaller toys during the Depression, they avoided financial woes experienced by many other toy companies. Iron shortages in WWII and commitments to fill war contracts did stop the toy division in 1942, until after the war.. The name was later changed to Gabriel Industries and still existed as a division of CBS as of 1978.

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