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Felix Chasing Mice Pull-Toy


Felix Chasing Mice Pull-Toy

Felix is Iconic.  This pull toy form by Nifty Toy is iconic.  Cats chasing mice is about as old of a toy theme as dirt.  We have a trifecta here!

Our felix figure rocks and the mice rock as the wheels of this toy turn.  Kids could drag this around behind them and emulate their favorite cartoon figure.  The mouse wasn’t that well established at the time of this tin and Felix had the branding!

Our carriage and mice appear all original and the Felix must have been touched up, yet it is not detectable.  We say this because the black is just so perfect and without wear.  Awesome toy and awesome form!

George Borgfeldt & Co. New York City, New York
1881 – 1962
Founder: George Borgfeldt, and Marcell and Joseph Kahle.
Importer and wholesaler of toys.
Toys which included comic novelty tin wind-ups under the name “Nifty.” Trademark was “Nifty” smiling moon face


Here is one more felix silent film to get the feel for this mischievous cat!


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