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Jumbo Machinder Raider or Liger by Popy Japan*sold*


Jumbo Machinder Raider or Liger by Popy Japan

Readers may not know this toy, especially American collectors.  Raider a.k.a. Liger in Japan wasn’t released in this size in the U.S.  This toy is known as a jumbo sized robot or “Jumbo Machinder” and made of Polyethylene.

Toy collectors will at first be shocked at this oddly and purely Japanese design, then it will grow on them.  Raider has a flower petal style fist attachment that fires missiles.  The other fist is a classic Popy fitting that can be swapped.

This particular Raider Jumbo is near new old stock.  It comes with the cardboard inserts, catalogs, all the missiles, and beautiful nearly-new toy.  The box is in very good condition with shelf wear.  At over 40 years old, these tend to be thrown away, let alone survive in this good of condition.

Payment can be via invoice, Square credit card or check.  Feel free to call in at 727 777 4206

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