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Mospeda AFC-011 or Robotech Alpha Fighter by Gakken 1/35


Mospeda AFC-011 or Robotech Alpha Fighter 1/35 Scale

Transformers and Robotech collectors and followers in the US will note this as the AFC-011 Genesis Climber Mospeda aircraft.  It can also be called Hensin Robo AFC-001.  -Or not!  It may simply be recognized as the Alpha Fighter and it is the largest size at 1/35 scale.

Our toy is such a delight to hold.  It transforms into a fighter, a Gerwalk (half transformed fighting vehicle), and a robot.  We chose to not transform it, as it is near new old stock.  The missiles are still in the baggie.  The pamphlets are unused and there, as is the oft-missing pilot and standing figure.

Please note that there are Singapore releases, U.S. boxed releases, and other Non-Japanese variants.  This is THE earliest version of the toy with a very high quality presentation and sharp original tooling.  The stickers are unused and more detailed that later releases too.  It is an infinitely more difficult release to locate.

Our toy comes boxed and even has the plastic protective strap on the styrofoam.  It is yellowed, but they all do and, of course, it is just a packing piece.  The toy  is in excellent condition.

These are often flawed when they come up for sale.  Ours is as exceptional as it gets; it is a prize!


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