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Farmer Boy Walking Windup Toy with Box by Girard Woods


Farmer Boy Walking Windup Toy with box by Girard Woods

Our unusual windup comes with a box.  It is a “Farmer Boy” walking windup and very similar to some French toys and German Lehmann toys.  Kids would windup the boy’s card and then he “follows walking” down a path with a wheelbarrow.

Our boy lithography is in good to excellent condition with original sticker on the wheelbarrow.  His colorful outfit and hat set this toy apart from others.

Our box has been stuffed with a foam core and then wrapped in plastic.  Its condition is very good, but incredibly fragile.  -Hence it was preserved.

Action works perfectly, but as always we only wound it up a bit, careful to preserve the spring and mechanism.

We have seen an early 1930s Girard Toy Catalogs, Girard Model Works, of Girard PA,.  It showed pictures of this toy and other tin windups including Big Six Airplane, Hankee Walking Farmer Boy, Flasho Grinder, Handcar, Auto, Rolbak, Basket Ball.  The show that 200 Fifth Ave NYC as the businesses’ office

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Weight 1.35 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in