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JE Stevens Cast Iron “Rival” Oven and Range for Sale *SOLD*

JE Stevens Cast Iron “Rival” Oven and Range For Sale

Ca 1900, this range set is a superior and rare copper flash finish.  It almost looks guilded or golden.

One of the J&E Stevens catalog for Rival states “Rival, No. 56. Length 16 inches, Height 14 in width, 8 1/2 in and -Handsomest Ranges ever put on the market. ”

The side soot door opens on the left, the main door with a “Rival” embossing opens to an oven inside.  There are six deeply sculpted round range covers.  The beautiful tea pot and kettle along with other pot are included.

Condition is original with a replaced smoke stack and a repaired lower shelf arm for ashes.  Warming drawers still operate properly and slide outward, again with the beautiful casting and finish.

Rear detailing is all in cast iron and incredibly intricate.

J. & E. Stevens Cromwell, Connecticut
1842 – 1930s
Founder: John and Elisha Stevens
Specialty: Cast-iron mechanical banks from 1870 to the turn of the century. Elisha Stevens later joined George Brown to establish the Stevens & Brown toy firm. J. & E. Stevens supplied Gong Bell And Watrous with Castings for their bell toys.


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 12 in