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Jones & Bixler Cast Iron Antique #42 Train For Sale


Jones & Bixler Cast Iron #42 Train For Sale

Fresh from an Indiana barn, this Jones and Bixler cast iron train rates as “Very Rare” in Rick Ralston’s Cast Iron Train book.  The train was sold with what Mr Ralston identified as a Hubley car behind.  He noted it to be paired by the distributers.

Our best guess is that the train is from about 1905 or a toy over 110 years old.

Condition on the main 0-4-0 engine is Good used with chipping on the roof and play wear.  It has a hole up front and a string attached.  This was a kids pull toy and all wheel bottoms are chipped and then a dark black (completely proper and authentic).  The coupler is a replacement.

The aft car in red is good with about 70% or more paint and bright.  Wheels work well.

Jones & Bixler, Co. Freemansburg, Pennsylvania
1899 – 1914
Founder: Charles A. Jones and Louis S. Bixler
Specialty: “Red Devil Line” of cast-iron auto toys (introduced in 1903, when J & B became part of National Novelty Corp.). From 1909-1913, J & B and Kenton Hardware (which also became part of National Novelty toy trust) produced toys that were indistinguishable from each other.

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