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Marklin Steam Engine Workshop Märklin for Sale


Marklin Workshop Provenance

We are delighted to offer a Marklin or Märklin steam engine (Dampfmaschine) and workshop set.  The set, which is literally a workshop, came from the Chicago area and was in a single family home since about 1903, owned by the dad who passed away and then the son who passed away in the late 80s; it  was then purchased from the original owner’s family.

The subsequent toy collector has had the workshop for decades.

Marklin Workshop size

The overall wood base, aka plinth, is gigantic– at around 4 Feet in length. 49″ long!.   The width is 17″ of this same base.

Marklin Steam Engine

Boiler height (just base to top of cylinder) 9″ high without stack.  The current stack is a replacement.  Boiler diameter is 5 1/5″.  It is on 11 x 15″ tiled base.

Accessories are the largest of the Marklin accessories.

The transmission appears to be a variation on the 4294 seen in the 1904 catalog.  The lathe looks like the 4261/2 model (base of lathe 17″ x8″ with a drawer.  Lathe itself is 5″ heigh without leaver x 8″ long).

Separate Marklin Vice and Anvil are attached to the Marklin workbench lathe with tools.

Saw, the 4254 model plus another that may be a planer that we haven’t seen before.

Then we have a unique band saw, model 4256/2.

There is a 4251 grinder near the engine in the back.

The steam engine appears to be a variant of the 4112 model, also from about 1904.

Condition is used original.

Our toy will have a five figure price.  More photos and details to come and upon request.

Gebruder Maerklin Goppingen, Germany
1859 to date
Founder: Theodor and his wife, Caroline Maerklin
Specialty: Originated as a maker of doll-sized tinplate kitchenware. When sons took over the business in 1888, firm name was changed to Gebruder Maerklin. Branched out to a variety of enameled tinplate boats, carousels, aeronautical toys. Unsurpassed in production of clockwork, steam, and electric trains. Introduced first standardized tinplate tracks in 1891. Maerklin switched to plastic train sets in the late 1950s.


Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 20 × 15 in