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Marx ca. 1970s Battery Operated Plastic Rare “NASA Hill Climber Lunar Scout” Set of 4 & Boxes Space Toys *SOLD*

Marx ca. 1970s Battery Operated Plastic Rare “NASA Hill Climber Lunar Scout” Set of 4 & Boxes Space Toys

We have for you a ca. 1970s very FUN and rare battery-operated plastic “NASA Hill Climber Lunar Scout” set of 4 and 2 boxes that were manufactured in Hong Kong by Louis Marx & Company of New York City, New York.      

We have an absolutely terrible, yet amazing set of toys from Marx here.  The company started to lose steam in the 1970s as quality control suffered and they outsourced to Hong Kong.  YET, the toys that were outsourced tended to be way out there and quite complex; something more daring.  Our set was likely designed around 1968, but these colored variations were likely circa 1971.

We have seen them marketed as Moon Scouts or Moon Grabbers when the vehicles have pinchers.

As you can see, Marx took the popular 1960s space race and sprinkled in some 1969 bedazzle and flower child influence.  Go figure!   We have lime green, pink, powder blue, and fluorescent orange coloration.   Hide your eyes…. or get drawn in like some psychedelic space trip!

Only one toy works, the pink NASA vehicle, and it works forward or in reverse with a four-wheel drive.   It took Schafer about 10 years to miniaturize this look and style into “STOMPERS” 4×4 toys.   Two others have corroded terminals, one has an unknown issue.

Then we have some playwear as well as label curling.  The green vehicle was missing its “drill” so we have a replacement “ray gun”.  The green radar is held with a replacement shaft & cracked side bubble, and we have the older shaft included too (pictured by the toy in blue).  Two small cab antennae are missing.

Two boxes are included along with one bottom carton.

Despite all these issues, these are just fun.  They make us smile.  The chrome and fluorescents display extremely well and deserve some black lighting.  Enjoy this oddity; it is the FIRST time we have seen this set with these unusual variations mostly intact.  Most were used and tossed.

Toys came from a friend of the Marx family.  The toys were stored and only lightly used and stored for decades.



A brief history of Louis Marx & Company of New York City, New York:              

1919 – 1979

Founder: Louis Marx

Specialty: Louis Marx and Company was an American toy manufacturer in business from about 1919 to 1980 founded in New York City by Louis & David Marx. Its products were often imprinted with the slogan, “One of the many Marx toys, have you all of them?” Arguably, Marx was the most well-known toy company through the late mid-20th century. Best known for their lithographed tin windup toys Marx was also one of the big four among American electric train manufacturers. Interestingly, Marx also successfully revived the Yo-Yo in 1928; it sold well even through the Depression.

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