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Wooden Felix Schoenhut Comic Character Toy


Wooden Felix Schoenhut Comic Character Toy

Felix!   -That troublesome cat comes back to Antique Toys!  Only in this toy incarnation, we get a sought after Schoenhut wood toy with movable “points of articulation”.  Yes, that is right action figure buffs, this is an antique action figure that can do it all (except have open hands -humphfff!).

Each joint appears to be secretly strung with a rope with some elastic qualities.  The toy moves, bends, then holds in place for number of poses.

Our felix is a larger than average Schoenhut at 8″ in height and, yikes, 7″ of tail and belly.  He’s a bit rotund, and with a thicker waste, it is a hefty near-solid wood toy.

Condition appears all original.  we see paint strokes as expected with these hand brushed characters.  Then the original foot sticker is still there with some chipping.

A. Schoenhut & Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1872 – 1935
Founder: Albert Schoenhut
Specialty: Began manufacturing toy pianos in 1872. Featured a series of over 20 different Living Pictures in the 1890s, which were framed cardboard figures animated by a clockwork mechanism. Schoenhut is best known for high quality dolls and wooden-jointed circus and comic strip characters, including Felix the Cat, Maggie & Jiggs, Barney Google, and Sparkplug. In the 1950s, the firm of Delvan, Seneca Falls, New York, bought the patent rights to Schoenhut wooden-jointed figures and again produced a series of circus animals. These toys received a lukewarm reception and are not up to the quality and charm of the predecessors

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in