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Fairy Craft Speedcraft Windup Boat from the 1930’s for Sale


Fairy Craft Speedcraft Windup Boat from the 1930s for sale

Well we want to try this one but will abstain…. that said, how about the horsepower to weight!  This is an early plastic/celluloid boat with a massive windup motor and brass prop.  Our understanding is that this New York maker did our Speedcraft right around WW2 time (possibly before or after, so let us know if you have a catalog or date).

The spring had an extra wind on it as a modification which has been removed.  So you will see four new rivets on the bottom painted and then the motor was put back in .  There are places for two flags.

The windup works smoothly, but we don’t want to wind it up extra, as the gearing is fragile.  It works though and should rip through the waters!


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in