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Hubley cast iron Eagle range for sale

Hubley cast iron Eagle range for sale

Our cast iron Range by Hubley still retains its original sticker and is in good used original condition. It features a warming drawer and oven and then an upper storage compartment. The gas range raises and lowers based on the lever upfront. Three cooking pots and pans  are included with the toy

Note that this is a deluxe model with an upper warming hatch.  It is also a larger than average version and has a more deluxe range lever.

Size is a very well detailed 8 3/4″ wide by 9 1/4″ if you measure to the edge of the platform.  It is a cousin to the Number 891 Gas Range by Hubley offered in 1924.  Our toy has an extra adjustment lever on the front of the gas knob assembly.  A more deluxe three pieces of cookware are included.

Hubley Mfg. Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
1894 to date
Slogan: “They`re Different”
Founder: John E. Hubley
Specialty: Brand name: Lancaster Brand Iron Toys. Originally manufactured electric toy train equipment and parts. Purchased Safety Buggy Co. factory and moved to site in 1909. First manufactured cast-iron toys, horse-drawn wagons and fire engines, circus trains, and cap guns. Toy autos became the headliners in 1930s. By quickly converting to cheaper smaller toys during the Depression, they avoided financial woes experienced by many other toy companies. Iron shortages in WWII and commitments to fill war contracts did stop the toy division in 1942, until after the war.. The name was later changed to Gabriel Industries and still existed as a division of CBS as of 1978.

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Hubley cast iron fighter plane

Hubley cast iron fighter plane

Our cast iron fighter was played with for years and shows all the signs of love and wear we come to expect with a cherished object.  The natural finish has tarnished to a nice patina.  Paint is worn down yet is also a great vintage look.

Te original prop functions and the wheels turn.

Length is close to 3 1/2 inches. -Hubley U.S.A.

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Hubley Cast Iron Tow Truck in red and chrome- For sale *sold*

Hubley Cast Iron Tow Truck in red and chrome- For sale

Our gem came from a local collector and has been loved.  We simply dusted it off and am offering this extra beautiful and original Diamond T truck with chrome winch.  It is in original condition with original tires.

Hubley made this series of toy truck around the early 1930’s and modeled them after the super deluxe Diamond T truck maker’s bumper and grill.  It was obviously a labor of love, as all the intricate grooves and the emblem and bolts were cast into the chrome plated grill and bumper.

The Hubley Manufacturing Company was first incorporated in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by John Hubley. The first Hubley toys appeared in 1909 and were made of cast-iron, with themes that ranged from horse-drawn vehicles and different breeds of dogs, to tractors, steam shovels, horses, banks, and guns. Hubley’s main competition in the early years was Arcade as well as a bit from A.C. Williams.

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Hubley Cast Iron Motorcycles

What a great opportunity to show off some Harley and cop motorcycle toys by Hubley.  These solid cast iron toys were made in the 1930’s and help showcase the prowess of the tool makers at Hubley. Each of these castings was done by artists and in each you can see the strong points.  I happen…

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Hubley Cast Iron Pickup truck

Hubley Cast Iron Pickup truck

Our red Hubley cast iron pickup truck is a delight to hold.  The stake bed is a chrome two piece casting and satisfying in its plated form.  The truck is streamlined with great lines and grill.

One can speculate that this is a Diamond T deluxe truck.

Condion is good, but there was overpaint on the doors and back, as if a kid had some idea in mind, then overpainted it red.  Wheels are original as shown.

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Hubley Cast Iron Cats, Persian Doorstops (2)*sold*

Hubley Cast Iron Cats, Persian Doorstops (2)

You know  you need not one, but two of these kitten doorstops!  They are by Hubley and likely from around the 1930’s.  Paintwork has dust and dings, but it is a survivor and original.

Both white cats have a painted bell and a bow on the back.  Get in touch with your softer side men, buy it for the “wife”.

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Hubley Cast Iron Taxi for sale- Rare! *sold*

Hubley Cast Iron Taxi for sale- Rare!

Here we have a rare one folks!  Most people are very aware of the Arcade taxi cabs, but how many of you have a Hubley taxi?  Here is one that temporarily breaks my heart, and its rear axle.  That said, I know there are experts out there that can put this on the right path with a new rear spring and wheels.

Size is around 5 1/4″ and the driver is an integral casting.  See the photos for a catalog page that matches it.

Note, we have two wheels on order and will likely just put an axle through it, then brace the opposite side with a block.

The paint is actually quite excellent for the age.  The vibrant color is strong and glossy still.


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Hubley Cast Iron Dogs for sale *sold*

Hubley Cast Iron Dogs for sale

We believe these to be smaller Hubley Cast iron dogs from around the 1930s.  that said, the one bulldog with a red frown and black collar is likely a more current toy and a polystone or heavy polymer.

Each of the five vintage dogs are on good to excellent condition with beautiful sculpting and paint.

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Hubley Cast Iron Motorcycle for sale with Sidecar for sale *sold*

Hubley Cast Iron Motorcycle for sale with Sidecar

-Used and loved Hubley motorcycle with sidecar. Our toy features strong paint in the drivers face and gold highlights to the tanks that say Harley Davidson.

The color is a desirable red with gold and then contrasting green side car.  Two tires need to be replaced with available reproductions.  Recent sales are much higher than our price, as we purchased this right.

Condition is original.

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