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Kellner livesteam Mahogany Boat for sale *on hold*


Kellner livesteam Mahogany Boat for sale

Check out this incredible German toy!  It is a toy made by Kellner and often known just as a “K” boat.  In England, this maker supplemented the lineup of Tri-Ang toys and these were known as K-boats.  America received a few of them imported by premier companies such as FAO Schwartz.

Our model appears to be an evolutionary dead end.  It was made around the 1930’s and has, in our opinion, too low of a deck in the aft.  The toy could easily sink due to waves, and this may explain its rarity.  In fact, we haven’t seen another for sale!

Then the toy has deluxe treatment with a live steam (steam engine) feature.  Our boiler needs to be re-glued in place, but can operate as-is and gets wedged in.  The boiler does not have a sterno or fuel tray.  A fuel would be slid under the boiler, then steam pushes into the attached piston.  Then the piston oscillates and cranks next to the propeller shaft.  The propeller shaft has a 90 degree bend that touches the piston’s bent metal shaft.  It works!

Condition is original with a Kellner steam engine.  This said, the steam engine will need to be reattached if you chose to run it.  Also, unfortunately, the propeller area has an epoxy covered shaft and it was broken then re-attached.  Still, the propeller and shaft operate.

Being a one of a kind and highly desirable Kellner, we welcome it to our collection.  The next owner will want to treat it as more of a static toy, as it is a valuable toy that was prone to sink.  For this reason, we will likely not see another in this nice of condition!  -Adoptees, please treat it well for us!

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