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Rare Vintage Masudaya Modern Toys Battery Operated Tin Lithographed “World Champion” Motorcycle Made in Japan for Sale


Rare Vintage Masudaya Modern Toys (MT) Battery Operated Tin Lithographed “World Champion” Motorcycle Made in Japan

This piece is an all original Masudaya Modern Toys (MT) battery operated tin lithograph “World Champion” motorcycle with driver and “engine sounds” manufactured in Japan.

This toy is in working condition, when you slide the switch on the back over to the right the driver kicks his leg up and over, then kicks his leg back over to sitting position, and finally the bike then moves forward; all the while making “motorcycle engine sounds”. The red headlight works and has a bulb in it. The switch does not turn the motorcycle completely off, the light stays on even when in the off position. The front tire is rubber and the two smaller tires appear to be plastic. The battery compartment is corrosion free with some scratches and blemishes. This toy has the Masudaya trademark on the bottom of it and the license plate on the back reads “K-753”.

Our example of this Masudaya Modern Toys “World Champion ” is in great original condition with no restorations, repairs, breaks or touch ups. The lithos on this piece are good and show the usual patina, chips, scuffs, scratches, surface rusting and wear that are normally found with age and play. It is approximately 11 ½” x 3 ½” x 8 ½”. This toy is good condition and would be great for any tin toy or motorcycle collector. We invite you to view the photos to further determine quality and condition.



A brief history of Masudaya Modern Toys (MT) of Tokyo, Japan:

Masudaya also known as Masudaya Modern Toys was a tin toy manufacturer that was founded in 1923 in Tokyo, Japan. Masudaya was one of the leading builder of tin type mechanical and battery operated toys in the post-World War II era. Unlike many of their competitors Masudaya managed to survive to this day, due in part to their involvement in the airsoft gun craze of the 1980’s. They are mostly known for basically creating the “skirmishable” airsoft guns that could be used for combat simulations rather than target shooting. Masudaya normally identifies their toys using the M-T, or Modern Toys logo.


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