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Buddy L Toy Trucks for Sale. Buddy L Buying

Buddy L Toy Trucks for Sale. Buddy L Buying

Buddy L trucks, and Keystone trucks, and Steelcraft, Kelmet, etc had been at the very top of collectors lists for decades.  Then in the early 2000’s things eroded.  Possibly stock market changes cut spending, possibly mini-recessions, investment issues, deaths; one never knows the largest contributing factor.  In any case, prices dropped for while and buying opportunities were there.

Buddy L Express truck wanted to buy Buddy l Coal truck wanted to buy 

Rare Buddy L Coal truck

Rare Buddy L Coal truck

Now, in my opinion, the interest has been stoked again and prices are coming back up.  What makes me say this– well about a 30 truck collection came and went very quickly.  We still get calls for more trucks and large scale pressed steel toys.  So on that note, contact us if you have full sized Buddy L trucks for sale.  My buyers have the fever for more pressed steel.

I surmise that there just had to be a cool off period for prices post Richard Keats sale.   Collectors may recall the 20001 Allentown, PA sale hosted by Randy Inman.  We had about every Buddy L toy for sale that came to the surface including prototype Buddy L Trucks, trains, brass patterns, boxed Buddy L sets; it was all stored as a reference library by the Former owner of Buddy ‘L’, Richard Keats.  Lore has it that the former owner of KB Toys, Don, backed up his truck to the auction house doors to stake out his claim.  His paddle stuck up in the air and then didn’t come down until he won.  Prices pushed about as high as ever before due to the intersection of quality, buyers, and promotions.

Then when Don liquid his collection there was another frenzy of buying.  Most of his toys were as mint as possible and many Buddy L’s sat along countless other pressed steel goodies.  Don had his own reference library of Keystones, Kelmet, Steelcraft, and about any other pressed steel truck you can imagine.  At this second occasion there was a fevered bidding frenzy.

So then there was no where to go but down in prices and interest; -for a while.  Where do you go from being able to purchase from reference libraries? Demand began to simmer for a while, then as of late I’ll say it is hitting a low boil.  I have outstanding requests for Buddy L Red Baby International trucks.  Requests are for most all of the full sized trucks in original condition.  However, in a perfect world, these need to be in very good original condition.  Therein lies the challenge!

Hopefully the internet connections can deliver a Buddy L factory sample truck or two!  -A Doored Express Truck.  -A Buddy L Coal truck and trailer.  -Another Keystone dump truck in great condition.  These are fun toys to simply play with as a dealer, and one doesn’t have to worry about the thin metal ( -laughing-).  We get thick gauge steel and a relatively durable paint to work with. Ideally storage conditions were good for these steel beasts.

Buddy L truck wanted, coal with doors

Buddy L coal truck wanted. Full sized dual wheel and headlight version with doors.

Pressed Steel Buddy L truck wanted

Red Baby Full sized Truck. International Harvester truck wanted

Please call us or email pictures to if you have more Buddy L trucks for sale.  Some truck requests are for our collection.  Some requests are to share with our collector network.  -How about a Sturditoy wrecking truck or a 1932 Keystone Circus truck or a Viking brand pressed steeltruck?  And others….. and a Keystone truck…. White truck….. and early full sized toys……  [Insert comments about toy collecting sicknesses and pressed steel truck illnesses here].



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