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x- Bing Delivery and Stake Truck Store Display

Bing Delivery and Stake Truck Store Display

Every once in a while you find a one of a kind.  Here we have a beautiful Bing stake truck that was modified in the US, formerly a German toy.  It was found in an elderly gentleman’s home in California with an incredibly heavy coating of dust.  We resurrected the toy, connected it to modern outlets, added the display case and primped it for display.

You may not be able to tell, but there is a standard plug and button to energize the unit.  Run it sparingly, but it is powered by an outlandish and giant American made motor to……..turn a crank on the front!  Yes, that giant motor turns a front crank, then some of the juice runs the front lights!

The toy can be displayed both as a box or delivery truck or, taking off the hand made tin box, can be a stake truck.

The condition is as-found, but with a restored red seat and added driver.  There was raw metal under the motor, so it was carefully removed, cleaned, then painted locally to preserve the metal.  The toy has expected wear and small flakes as shown.

The box or cover appears to be vintage and hand made, likely in the US, to compliment the added electrical motor and lights.  There is a front stanchion to secure it in place (vintage added), and wiring appears old, all of which support our belief that this was modified for an enticing store display.

Note that this has what appears to be a deluxe paint job and we believe it to be by Bing.  The dots and accents are all hand painted and beautiful to see in person.  A similar toy was found in the Don Kaufman collection.

Please call, email, or write to toys (at)  to reserve the toy.

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