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Boxed Buddy L Chrysler Town and Country Wood Car – New Old Stock *PENDING*

Boxed Buddy L Chrysler Town and Country wood car- New old Stock

It is our pleasure to offer a boxed Buddy L Town and Country convertible for sale.  This is considered near new old stock with its well worn box with lost pieces, but 95 % of the box none the less.

-Approximately 18 1/2 inches long –

If you didn’t know, Buddy L had to switch over to using wood during the war time.  It was a giant financial challenge for the company to survive, so these toys represent war time compromises and brand new tooling.

The toy is in super bright maroon with cream and set off with black white wall tires.  The internal spring can help flip the car from convertible to hard top.  Its bottom has almost no wear, if any other than the factory.  The trunk sticker is bright and complete.

Some white wall paint is flaking, as expected for the age.  The internal spring has an odd extra bend, but we didn’t change it.  -Likely the way it was made.  Then the trunk has extra holes from the lift hook.  Corrosion and aging to the metal throughout, especially on the dash and steering area.

Our survivor is a beauty and should be cherished.  These imperfections are honest age related issues that come from ab 80 year old toy.


Buddy L Toys for Sale

History: Buddy L Salem, Massachusetts
1910 to date
Other names: Moline Press Steel(1910-1913); Buddy L Wood Products(1944); Buddy L Manufacturing (1930); Buddy L Corp.(to date).
Founder: Fred Lundahl
Cranes, steamrollers, trucks, construction toys.
Buddy L toys were named after the founder`s son. Lundahl introduced the line in 1921, starting with a pressed steel pick-up truck that expanded into a veritable fleet of almost 30 cranes and other construction toys some five years later. Most all of the Buddy L line feature much stronger parts than the competition and a commitment to longevity. The steel is a very very heavy gauge and similar to full sized International truck specifications. The Enamel was dipped thick, then baked in ovens. They are simply heavy, stout, and desirable toys.  War time toys featured wood construction to help in the war effort.

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