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Buddy L Ice Truck Pressed Steel Toy *Sold*


Buddy L Ice Truck Pressed Steel Toy

Great looking Buddy L pressed steel with original bed and restored front cab.  The toy comes with an original tarp as well as ice tongs.

Stickers are intact on the original bed and great quality (likely restoration) stickers on the front cab.  Details as shown and we are happy to help with questions or extra details.


Buddy L Salem, Massachusetts
1910 to date
Other names: Moline Press Steel(1910-1913); Buddy L Wood Products(1944); Buddy L Manufacturing (1930); Buddy L Corp.(to date).
Founder: Fred Lundahl
Cranes, steamrollers, trucks, construction toys.
Buddy L toys were named after the founder`s son. Lundahl introduced the line in 1921, starting with a pressed steel pick-up truck that expanded into a veritable fleet of almost 30 cranes and other construction toys some five years later.

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