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Buddy L Ladder Truck with Box for Sale 5711 *SOLD*


Buddy L Ladder Truck with Box for sale

Our Buddy L fire truck is a gem recently found in a basement.  It is in original condition and represents to us an early version of the 5711.  It does not have a ladder wheel but is instead a manual ladder.  The blued steel grill is quite a nice look as is the darker than usual red baked on paint from the factory.

The toy has abrasions as shown around the truck bed pivot and some on the cab, likely from transport.  Wheel rim and hubcap gloss is very nice and these normally darken with age.

The end flap has shipping details per-Buddy L style of drop shipping to hardware and retail stores.  The container is the shipping box too.

It will be a long time before we find such a nice toy in almost new old stock.

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