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Fleischmann Windup Tin Ship with Four smokestacks – Old German over 20″ *Sold*


It is our pleasure to offer an absolutely superb Fleischmann or Carette tin ocean liner ship from Germany.  The toy is incredibly large and features a front winch and windup mechanism.

Records show this from about 1905 and this early Carette had many of the features deleted later for cost savings.  Some argue that this quality is of Marklin’s level.

The toy has been inspected and appears to have some original paint and then an expert repaint of quality to cover chipping.  A toy over 110 years old or most any object will have issues even if left sitting in place.

The windup is a very strong and long lasting spring.  It works well and comes with a key.

The vibrant red and gold with green highlights make it a treasure to behold.  Feel free to call for further details at 727 777-4206 and to reserve it.

It is a very early Fleischmann ocean liner with a scarce four stack configuration similar to Carette.   The dual masts are not present.

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