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Cast Iron Mac Truck by Arcade toys For Sale


Arcade Mac Dump Truck in Restored Conditon for Sale


Our Arcade Mac truck here has been restored.  Russ Harrington, who recently passed, restored this toy to make it look bright, but not too much so.  It received grey enamel paint and then gold highlights.  It also received new rubber tires.

The dump truck is around 12″ in length and a mammoth toy once enjoyed in person.  The spring loaded piston can be released, launching the shaft up and dump bed to an angle for unloading.  The gate is hinged to dump the cargo.

Our driver is shiny and either replated or a replacement.   Ropes are new and safely operate the dump bed.  Tires are a very soft and compressible rubber.

One might argue that this is simply better than the original toy, as the paintwork is sturdy and begs to be handled.  Once a cast iron toy is restored, it begs to be played with and enjoyed.  There isn’t any distress when it gets a bit of play wear.

Arcade Mfg. Co. Freeport, Illinois
1868 – 1946
Founder: E.H. and Charles Morgan
Specialty: First made toys and coffee mills and then moved to a new site in 1893 (after fires, financial issues, and renaming from Novelty Iron Works).  Arcade toy catalogs appear to start at 1902.  As late as 1939, Arcade`s toy line included over 300 toy items. Yellow Cab was their first successful toy. Andy Gump in 348 and Chester Gump in His Pony Cart were other popular toys for collectors. Arcade also made toy banks, doll house furniture, and cast-iron penny toys.

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