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Charles Rossignol Penny Toy Limousine*sold*


Our penny toy is steeped in history.  It is a super humble form, but has a flywheel and traces to one of the most famous Parisian toy makers, one that goes back to the mid 1800’s.

CR was a highly successful French toy company established in Paris, founded by Charles Rossignol in 1868. CR produced painted and lithographed tin clockwork toys such as ‘O’ and 1 gauge floor trains and trolleys, trains that ran on tracks, a series of motor cars, coaches and busses, trucks, planes, robots and boats. CR introduced a very popular range of Paris buses in the 1920’s and continued production until they ceased business in 1962.

Our toy has a heavy, likely lead, flywheel and is a functioning and moving car.  It is quite ingenious, as you spin the wheel axel by hand and then drop the spindle onto the rear wheels.  Spin backwards to move the limo forward.  Spin it forwards to move the toy backwards.  It can scoot if you are quick with your fingers!

This particular toy comes with the delicate driver and that is a big bonus.  These easily broke off.  Then the weeks and flywheel are in good condition for the age.  We estimate the toy as an early 1920s form.

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