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Chrysler Airflow Cast Iron Light-up by Hubley.*sold*


Chrysler Airflow Cast Iron Light-up by Hubley.

This is it folks, the one all cast iron collectors lust for– Chrysler’s luscious airflow design in cast iron.  Only this particular example has lights which make it exceptional.  Styling and detailing are incredible.

Interesting details abound, and the toy had numerous parts, therefore was likely a financial mistake.  Also, the Chrysler cars themselves didn’t do that well either due to cost.  So this is a luxury toy car that was large, post depression, and few survived.

Our toy is in green and has been restored.  We believe the green color was original, but it was blended around the floorboards and bottom supports for a repair; it had cracked and was expertly re-welded.  The work is excellent and even from the photos you may not pick up on it.

This model is likely is the astonishing 1934 Chrysler CV 4 door sedan. This is the original first version, which was lunched in 1934. The first American aerodynamic car. Because of the extravagant body and new technical solutions was this car unfortunately not sold very well. Chrysler produced just 1997 cars of this model in 1934.

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