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Ertl Diecast Oil Truck and Fire Truck *sold*


Ertl Diecast Oil Truck and Fire Truck

Diecast trucks by Ertl are great, don’t let people tell you otherwise.  This set of toys was quite a sleeper set.  Once opened, and they come with worn boxes, they shine.  The US company Ertl has been well respective, but generationally, the toys fell out of favor.  Well they deserve to come into their own now.

These particular sticker variations are quite challenging to find.  The Standard Oil would fit in well with vintage collections, as would the 1920’s fire truck.

This set of diecast trucks are actually coin banks, but the designs don’t get compromised.   The streamlined Standard Oil truck has a coin slot beneath the rear hatch door.  The fire truck slot blends into the black rear area.

Each toy is unused and paint is near mint as shown.

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