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Express Transport Tin Truck by Wells of England – Tin for Sale


Express Transport tin truck by Wells of England- Tin for sale

This is a model of Wells tin toys that we simply can not locate.  We’ve scoured countless books and catalogs and we will just say it is rare & undocumented.  BUT, send a catalog if you have one and we will be happy to attribute it.  It is a prewar toy and likely production was curtailed for the battle with Germany in World War II.

It is a charming tin and a simple windup.  Lithography is very colorful and original and the driver is ready for action. The tailgate opens and shuts and has a chain for deliveries.  Wheels are fully lithographed tin and with windup is metal too.  The mechanism works well for driving.

Early Wells toys in this period are extremely sought after and very tough to find due to wartime recycling.

Wells Brimtoy Hollyhead, Wales, and Wells, London, England
1920 to date. 1922-Acquired Brimtoy Co.
Specialty: Tinplate automotive toys; Wells Brimtoy also ventured into Die-cast motor toys. Most popular are the post-WWII tinplate buses.

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