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Ferdinand Martin Successor – V.B. & Co Tin Truck with Cars Windup


Ferdinand Martin successor- V.B. & Co truck with car windup tin

Our French tin windup is a very early beauty and a bit of a “truck” as well as “train”.  It is officially known as “Le Train Tortillard” and the fifth model from “Les Auto-Transports” by Bonnet.  If you didn’t know, Ferdinand’s factory was taken over by successor Victor Bonnet around 1920.  This truck with car set has been documented with a dual V.B.&Co. and F.M. trademark.  -It is from this time of factory transition.

The truck has a detente to make the wheels straight, steer right, or steer left.  The back of the open cab truck has a toolbox that opens.  The windup and drive works perfectly.  The windup driver has a “brake” that can hold the truck in place or release the drive to run.

Those with imaginations can see the wine cask.  Yes, there were toy marketing illusions to it holding wine from Bordeaux and the other trailer holding stone from Nice and coal from Lens, France.

The company of FM or Ferdinand Martin produced toys, many capturing real life, from 1878-1912.  Then World War I forced a pause in production and finally Victor Bonnet purchased the companyr post-war.  His dual branded some boys with FM as well as V.B. &Co. (Victor Bonnet et Cie).


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