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Fleischmann Red and Black Ocean Liner for sale


Fleischmann Red and Black Ocean Liner for sale

Early Fleischmann catalogs show this as a Passenger Ocean Liner type Bremen  with clockwork, or Passagierdampfer type Bremen fit Uhrwerk.  It is likely number 520/40 or the model 520 at 40 cm long.  Our information comes from the 1936 catalog.

Our mid-sized liner comes with two chimneys as well as two lifeboats and uses the striking red, black, and white paint motif.

Condition is original with the normal chips and discolorations that come with time.  The left or port sized bridge extension has more chipping and wear than the other ship parts.

Masts are likely original and the ship comes with the typical red and white front flag.

Fleischmann was founded in Nuremberg in 1887 by Jean Fleischmann, as a toy company.  Their ship quality and attention to detail make them sought after collectibles to this day.  Even simple boats utilize excellent paint and numerous piercings to make realistic doors, windows, and rails.

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