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Future Antique Transformers Metroplex C-70 *sold*


Future Antique Transformers Metroplex C-70 **Pending**

Metroplex is quite a large robot from the original Generation 1 Transformers line-up in the 1980’s.  The toy converts from a city play-set to a towering toy in white with red accents.

Metroplex was designed to have Aerialbots fix into the structure as a power-up cartoon feature.  Details would be in the Scramble City movie if you can understand Japanese (or if you have a good translator).

The toy and box are in excellent condition with very light wear.  The box has minor flap wear and the expected look of a 35 year old carton.  The toy is bright white and all the accessories are accounted for other than an instruction manual (that can be printed from online sites).

Note that this is a very desirable version (not a cheaper plastic knock-off) and the more difficult to find Japanese packaging.

Box art is stunning, as is the in-person presence of this top tier Transformers toy.

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