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German Tin Missile Launch Toy by HWN


German Tin Missile Launch Toy by HWN

One can say this is a ghastly toy in the age of the Cold War.  That, or one can say this is a perfect toy to commemorate the age of ballistic missile threats and a pending third World War.

Our German toy is actually a mystery, as it appears it is close to complete or complete.  Yet it appears a rubber band is needed, and we can’t decide if there is another item.  To us, this doesn’t matter, as it is a static model of launch sequences and a West German take on Cold War missile batteries.

The flywheel spins with a crank well, but appears to just be a sound maker.  Then a kid can press the launch toggle and a lever may release a rubber band attached to the missile.  We can’t figure it out.

Our toy is nearly new with a worn, but good box.  The charm in this toy is the rare lithograph of pre-war training.  Oh, and it is incredibly rare; first one we have seen.

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