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Hubley Static Boat for Sale – Cast Iron *In the ATJS Collection*

Hubley Static Boat for sale- Cast Iron

We just got in a Hubley “Static Boat”, assuming this is a reference to a static sculpture.  It is an incredible, large, heavy toy that was the epitome of high end Hubley cast iron skills.  The driver is realistic, the motor, the boat, and even the raised lettering on the bow.  All are a tour-de-force of cast iron artistry.

Historically, this toy fell into a very unfortunate time in our nation’s life.  It was sculpted and designed pre-1929 depression, but went to market in 1929.  Terrible timing!  So very few families and kids could justify a top end and expensive toy in the middle of the nation’s worst depression a time when kids starved.

The Hubley Toys Catalog ,Cast Iron Toys That Sell, from 1929 reads “HUBLEY (EXCLUSIVE RIGHT) TOY No. 18 “Static”Boat  .  The “Sea Horse” is equipped with a toy model of the famous Johnson Outboard motor.  It runs on rubber tired eccentric wheels, which give it a wave-riding motion.  Also has imitation motor exhaust [sound]. Packed on in a box, two dozen in carton weight 75 lbs.

That said, the few toys that are in collections are loved and highly treasured.  Arguably this red paint is tops for paint choices on the race boat.  Lettering is gold.  The driver is a very striking bright orange.  The sculpture has rubber tires and then it is a pull toy that has a back axle noise maker.