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Jumbo Machinder Dragun Robot Toy by Popy Japan


Jumbo Machinder Dragun Robot Toy by Popy Japan

Red Polyethelyene Robot Dragun comes with black and chrome accent stickers and an axe launching hand action.  ZigZag stickers on the legs place this as an earlier 1978 release from Mattel USA.

Mattel actually repackaged these toys from Japan after adjusting features to pass safety requirements.  Our version is an earlier design and desirable.

Size is around 2 feet in height.  With leg weights, it has more substantial heft than expected.

This example is used and has scratches with chest and foot abrasions.  Stickers have play wear.

The Shogun Warriors were the main characters of a line of toys licensed by Mattel Inc. during the late 1970s. They were a series of imported Japanese toys based on several anime and tokusatsu shows featuring giant robots. They were originally manufactured in three sizes: 24-inch (610 mm) plastic versions, 3.5-inch (89 mm) die-cast metal versions, and slightly taller but much more detailed 5-inch (127 mm) die-cast versions. Several vehicles were also offered.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 10 in