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Karl Greisbaum Singing Bird Automation- Germany *sold*

Karl Greisbaum Singing Bird Automation- Germany

Our mid century KG or Karl Greisbaum singing bird is a complex automation.  There are two birds, not the usual one, and the first rotates its head and chirps its beak to songs.  The tail flicks.  Then the second yellow bird alternates songs and does its own special melody.

The cage appears to have a brass finish with some guilding.  Guilding has some wrinkles as shown from age.  The brass is bright and appears original.  Then on the bottom, there is a windup with switching in what appears to be German.  One setting gives more of a pause between songs.  Then there is an off, then the final setting is a full music setting.

The bellows and complex mechanisms work fully.  It is a rare treat!

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