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Kenton Toy for sale- Fire Hose Reel No 870


Kenton Toy for sale- Fire Hose Reel

It has been quite a while since we have seen this very early 20th century hose reel offered for sale.  -Last time the hose wasn’t present, so this one is a treat for originality.

The intricate casting features ornate decorations on the bronze colored hose reel.  The hose is original and has a brass tip.  The strings are there to tie off to the two scansions on the back; each sporting Kenton Brand text.

Based on the 1902 and similar catalogs, this appears to be model No 870 and stands at 13″ in length.  A modern U.S. penny and quarter are shown as a reference for size.

Horses and carriage body have chipping and wear as shown, but are in good condition for 110+ years of age.



Kenton Hardware Co. Kenton, Ohio
1890 – 1952
Founder: F.M. Perkins (Patented line of refrigerator hardware).
Specialty: Toy production began in 1894 with a line of horse-drawn fire equipment, banks, and toy stoves. Renamed Kenton Hardware in 1900. Became part of mammoth National Novelty Corp. merger in 1903, it continued its toy line under the name Wing Mfg. Co. Involved in several unsuccessful takeovers, it eventually emerged as a separate unit, the Kenton Hardware Co., and again produced toys successfully from 1920-1935. Kenton ceased production in 1952 and assets were sold in 1953. The Littlestown Hardware & Foundry acquired many Kenton toy designs and marketed them under the brand “Utexiqual”. Littlestown folded in 1982.

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