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Keystone Fire Water Tower & Ladder Truck – Original for sale*sold*


Keystone Water Tower & Fire Ladder Truck – Original for sale

It doesn’t get much better than this– an original condition toy with an original owner’s letter AND childhood picture.

We are blessed to have this outstanding fire truck with ladder and hose tower by Keystone.  It’s wheels are simply sparkling and most all of the paint is there and in great condition.  Yes, there is some grease around the crank wheels and some replacement hoses.  Yes, there were some chips and thinning of the paint in spots.  But it is original!

A kid would add water to the tank (original lid there) and then crank the front engine motor.  That pressurizes the tank for squirting.  Then water would flow from the tank, below the body, up the tower, then out the nozzle.  We couldn’t find the nozzle unfortunately in the estate, but there is likely one out there as a reproduction.

Ladders, wheels, tires and stickers appear all original.  The horn works sporadically and is heavily worn.

On condition, we feel that the tank may have been repaired or there is simply extra caulk around the base.  We don’t know for sure, but it would have been an old repair or original look.  We just don’t know.  Also, we haven’t pressurized the toy or tried pumping and assume it would need to be reviewed by a professionl.  -IF you wish to operate it.  We find the toy mesmerizing as-is and the childhood picture really adds to the setup.

The buyer will get a private letter with copy of the picture and description of this exact toy. The condition is just spectacular on this toy as is the history; arguably, you won’t find a better package.

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