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Keystone Hydraulic Lift Dump Truck for sale *sold*


Keystone Hydraulic Lift Dump Truck for sale

The originality on this Keystone Hydraulic Lift Dump Truck is outstanding!  Yes, you may see some flaking paint on the frame, but that is what happens when no primer is uses…. and we have over 80 years of age.  The black paint is still beautiful and original stickers intact.

If you haven’t seen these in person, the Packard grill and overall size is very large and impressive.  This particular model would have crank pumped air into a piston.  The piston behind the cab would then raise the truck bed.   We have dry rotted hoses, and have chosen to not replace them or test the unit.  It appears new old stock, just old.

This truck is on the cover ‘Collectors Guide to American Transportation Toys’ by Joe and Sharon Freed, the ‘holy grail’ book of pressed steel toys.  This truck is incredibly RARE.

The pistons would then drive a yoke style lifting bar behind the rear window.  It lifts pulleys and ropes rase the bed.  One rope is perfect, but the second has a break that could be repaired.  Again, it is old and has taken a set shape.

In the back of the tailgate there is a gate within the tailgate that would have dumped smaller amounts of dirt and goods.

Keystone Toys History

Keystone Mfg. Co. Boston Massachusetts
Founders: Edward Swartz, J. M. Welsman, Isadore Marks and Benjamin Marks
Specialty: Originally produced toy motion picture machines and children`s comedy films (Keystone Moviegraph). Gained permission from Packard Motor Co. in mid-1920s to market pressed-steel riding trucks copied from full-size Packard models, including famous radiator design and logo. Keystone, in competing with “Buddy L”, added such refinements as nickeled hubcaps and radiator caps, transparent celluloid windshield, and engine crank. For 50 cents extra you could get rubber tires and headlamps. Keystone trucks also featured steering and signal arms for “stop” and “go”. Keystone introduced line of “Siren Riding Toys” in 1934 with saddle riding seat and handlebars for steering. In 1936, one of its big sellers was a “Ride-em” mail plane. In the post-WWII years, most of Keystone`s toy output was based on tools and dies purchased from the defunct Kingsbury toy division.

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