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Lehmann Li-La Handsom Cab EPL No. 520


Lehmann Li-La Handsom Cab

Here we have a fresh consignment from a local Florida collector.  The Lehmann Handsom cab shown here has a wonderful original finish and beautiful detailing.  The Lehmann catalog numbering on this is EPL No. 520.

Toy historians will note a great touch with the naming.  The two Lehmann sisters were Lieselotte (LI) and Laura (LA), so it is easy to assume the ladies were a tribute to Earnst Paul’s siblings.  Also note that attribution of the design to “Wood’s Victoria Handsom Cab”, one that has been found in pictures from a 1899 Scientific American magazine.  Also note some great pictures in the Lehmann Toys, The History of E.P. Lehmann – 1881-1981 book by Jurgen & Marianne Cieslik.

The mechanism works as originally designed with the two women “fighting off” the poodle on the front step.  The umbrella even pops open the roof hatch during the fray.  The driver’s hand moves too & driving becomes erratic on this clockwork toy from the early 20th century.

Condition on this toy is very good, but collectors should note a slight color fade on one side of the toy.  The gold finish and paint show the expected light scratching from surviving around 100 years (in fact it was designed around 1899, so that would place the age around 117 years, plus or minus).

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