Lehmann Windup Na-Ob Donkey Cart Toy




Lehmann Windup Na-Ob Donkey Cart Toy 

How about an unpredictable mule cart windup?  Here we have Lehmann’s beautiful Na-Ob cart with a bucking, rotating, unpredictable action.  Windup the toy and then the mule raises and lowers and then the cart spins and gyrates.

Collectors will notice that the litho on the wheels show a unique Lehmann logo with boy and stars.  The work is still bright and well preserved on this example

Check out our video on Youtube (AntiqueToys.com) for a video of the action.  https://youtu.be/aDGf9Ial8j0

The driver and cart are in original condition.

Payment can be via paypal invoice, personal check, or credit card.