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Marklin Field Cannon Old Toy for sale


Marklin Field Cannon or Toy Cannon from Germany

Looking at the Marklin 1902 catalog we find this toy marketed as number 2257/3 with the potential to fire!  The barrel is a very stout brass with the cart being heavy metal with hand painted detailing.

The field cannon bore is quite small, around the diameter of a pencil lead and is open.  The trigger functions properly and the brass loading mechanism removes as expected.  The hammer strikes a brass plunger that barely moves, but must be enough for the powder load that Marklin sold in the day.  The entire unit must have worked off of compression.  At this age we don’t recommend trying to fire the toy with any powder load.

The aft section of the cannon has a trailer hitch that could be coupled to a horse carrier or vehicle.

The Lineol style soldier figure is included as it makes a great display piece.

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