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Nylint Speedway Special Truck and 500 Racer for sale


Nylint Speedway Special Truck and Racer for sale

Fresh from the private reserves of a steel toy collector, this estate find is tops.  The copper color really sets off the white trim and whitewall tires on our Nylint race car and trailer set.

Flour sifters and cheese graters were the foundation for Nylint Tool and Manufacturing, established in 1937 by David Nyberg and Bernard Klint in Rockford, Illinois. Like businesses following the end of World War II, Nylint changed directions in 1945 and began focusing on the production of pressed steel wind-up toys

Our toy condition is very good to excellent. The Ford hood symbol has been chipped partially but is original. All door stickers and racer stickers are in excellent condition. White paint and copper paint are very good as shown with very minor rub marks.

Condition is better than any we’ve seen before. It is an amazing find for those seeking top notch metal and paint work.

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