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Popy toys Barom 1 Diecast Car


Popy toys Barom 1 Diecast Car

Readers will not know this 1973 toy, rest assured.  In Japan, for the Japanese market only, there was a very early live action show called Barom 1.  Within the series of kids TV shows, the main character drove this car.  Bandai toys produced this car under their Popy toys sub-company.

Confused?  No problem.  Let’s just say that this is a very very early Pre-Power Rangers grandfather series.  Then this diecast toy ushered in the era of Shogun Warriors Toys (5 years later).  We can also say that this is a grandfather diecast toy and is one of the FIRST toys by Popy.  Popy toys later produced Voltron toys in the U.S.  Their symbol is a red oval with three Japanese characters inside (look at the back of your diecast toys for this).  -History.


Our toy comes near mint in original box with the oft-lost original driver and instructions.  It is a sought after toy and in stellar condition.

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