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Reed Wood and Paper Litho Boat- Admiral Circa 1898-1900 *pending*


Reed Admiral Wood and Paper Litho Boat Circa 1898-1900

What a beauty!  This is a very early American toy by Reed USA.  The boat is about 20″ and around 15″ high at the masts.

The aft cannon fires!  We included a small red projectile, but it was made for firing small marbles that kids often had at the time.

It should be noted that this is the first time we have seen this variation with twin cannons; normally the portholes on the second deck don’t have guns.  So extra printing and ink was used for this Reed toy ship variation, adding extra armament for kids.

The row boat attaches with a peg and can be moved to either side of the toy.  The wheels and cannon can also be removed with these same tinker toy like pegs.

Condition is very good considering the age.  The flags are replaced but look very good with the toy.  Ropes may or may not be original.  They are old; and have pulled two of the holes open and are glued in place.

The paper lithograph of the waterline and Admiral name is magnificent.  Even better is the fluid look to the firing paper cannons that compliment the two smaller and one large wood canon.

Reed toys like this battleship just don’t survive, so this is a rare treat.

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