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Shimer Police Patrol Cast Iron Wagon *-pending*

Shimer Police Patrol Cast Iron Wagon

There are horse drawn vehicles in the hobby and then there are Extra Large carts and such.  Here we have a MONSTER @ 21″ long Police Wagon by Shimer. It has all the bells and whistles a collector could want in a Police wagon; color, horse action, size, paintwork, Rarity.

We have only been able to trace three of these sold.  One was nickel, but we suspect that that was a base plating.  There is a second that was likely a restoration; wheel chipping was present on the front, but the wagon wheels and other indicators showed a restoration.  The third, similar to this, was in heavily used condition.

Our toy came to us in nickel plated condition, but had traces of red paint, traces of this dark red, then an improper restoration.  The restorer and our staff recognize that quite a few older toys were first nickel plated, then overpainted.  Sometimes painting was done as an extra post-plating for extra pazzaz.  This toy was overpainted originally.

Arguably one of the best restorers in Massachusetts took two months along with to research painting, coloration, and original detailing from Shimer Toys.

In case you didn’t know, Shimer is a footnote and very short lived company in Pennsylvania.  William Shimer & Son Co. was based in Freemansburg, Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, the company burned down and was never rebuilt.  Toys are believed to have been made from the brief period of 1875 – 1913.

Note that Louis S. Biller, of Jones & Biller and president of Kenton Toys got his start at Shimer & Sons.

Thanks also to R.G. for sending in historical photos.  You can find photos of “the real thing”, a New York Police Wagon from around 1900.  Imagine that coming to pick up those unruly neighbors!

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