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Shining Red Doepke Firetruck aka Ladder Truck Rossmoyne for Sale *sold*


Shining Red Doepke Firetruck aka Ladder Truck for sale

Who wouldn’t want this under the Christmas tree!  Wow, we have a nearly new beautiful and red firetruck for sale.  It is the ladder truck to make kids green with envy, as it is giant and has a telescoping ladder. -Rossmoyne model-

Pictures show how nice it is, in fact you can see an inspection sticker on the bottom!  Tires look almost new and paint is still shining.  Keep in mind that this was a late 50’s to 60’s toy.  Dare we say nearly 70 years old…..

In 1947, Charles W. Doepke with his assistant and brother Fredrick started the Doepke Toy Company in Rossmoyne, Ohio. Being so soon after the conclusion of World War II, many toys available at the time reflected a war theme. In contrast to this trend, the Doepkes were encouraged by their grandmother to create toys that were not war-related. Since both men had previously worked in the steel industry, they were quite aware of the possibilities and were adamant about creating exact duplicates of then modern construction equipment and cars.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in