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Ship Model Empress of Australia

Ship Model Empress of Australia

Well we could have never predicted this model’s arrival!  The Empress of Australia sailed into the West Palm port (actually our toy display) this last show.  The model is highly exacting and likely a professional done for a tour company or affiliated business.

Portholes are brass, decks are wood, and much of the rigging is high quality thread, still original.  The waves and waterline detail is done with a very well trained eye and from a highly skilled artisan.

There is slight peeling in one area of the white upper deck.  It is a likely hallmark of an older model.  This particular ship appears to have been decomissioned in the 1950s and then renamed.

So we need any input you as a reader may have.  As it stands, we believe this to be a 1930’s or 40’s model done by a professional.  Then it is extremely large as shown by the photo with measurement tape (about 33″ long).

Finally, it comes with a plexiglass cover and will be a beast to ship.  Ideally the next owner visits us in Florida. Otherwise, please know we invoice shipping separately and feel free to contact us for shipping estimates and methods.

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