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Silver Bandai TR3 Japanese tin car for sale *sold*

Silver Bandai TR3 Japanese tin car for sale

This is a cute toy!  Or for the men ‘A True classic sports car with red bucket seats!’.  The T.R. 3 car here is made by Bandai and considered a relatively difficult to find toy.

Our tin friction car comes with original box and is in original condition with some wax on it.  The wax has powdered on the bottom black chassis a bit, but the toy is in excellent condition.  Again, the box is original and not a reproduction.

Original window and chrome all appear to be in good to excellent contain. Our silver paint has very very few scratches; other examples we have seen are in lesser condition.  This is a very high condition example!

Bandai went from the Dollar General stores (as pictured on the box) into one of the biggest toy companies on the planet!  Bandai is Japan’s equivalent of Hasbro.

Catch this car while you can.  We expect it to be a quick seller.

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