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Spaceship X-5 Vintage Japanese Rocket For Sale by MT


Our well loved MT or Modern Toys space rocket is a joy to share.  It is a stout tin litho made in Japan around the late 1950’s.  Colors are very contrasting and the design is a classic three fin toy rocket, and a bit similar to the German V1 rocket body design.

The toy is a friction rocket and a bit slow but it works.  There is no flint inside or else it would spark underneath the red gel/plastic on back.  There are spots of play wear and dark oxidation throughout.

The “composition” of the lithograph is a great space-age riveted nose and fin design (simulated circles for rivets).  We get a commander’s window on top and then six smaller “passenger” windows with angular designs to the sides.  The rocket is even patented 3550 3750 which is likely a sparking mechanism.

The most impressive aspect is the size of this toy.  It is very large for tin litho rockets at almost a foot or 12″ as seen in the photo.


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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 in