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Steam Craft Jungle Boat by Atwood toys- Livesteam


Steam craft Jungle Boat by Atwood toys

Atwood toys produced this steam powered toys with a lot of similarities to two popular themes– The Africa Queen movie with Humprey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, as well as the fresh Disney Jungle Cruise ride.  Historians speculate that this was a great idea, but engineering was flawed and the product less popular than its potential.

The Jungle Boat shown is an excellent condition used boat with what appears to be all accessories– a stand, the delicate awning, posts, two extras, sign, rudder, and boat with boiler.  Even the instructions are there and a very good condition box with insert.  The “Livesteam” boat can actually propel itself from using fuel, water, and then steam power.

Going back to potential, the boat was made with a plastic hull and still used a fired boiler.  As collectors can imagine, this flaw resulted in most of these boats burning up or melting.  Ours is in excellent condition.

Pictured are details of the African Queen boat as well as Disney boats for a nice historic reference.

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