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Stevens Model Dockyard Train


Stevens Model Dockyard Train

Have you seen one of these before?  Wow.

We have a Stevens Model Dockyard Train for sale that recently surfaced in Chicago.  It is a hefty brass livesteam engine with a very early and large and early 3″ spacing between wheels.

The 2-2-2 train was in a high-level train collectors collection and it is time to let it go.  Detailing and painted colors make this a treat to enjoy.

Size is around 6″ high, 3″ wheel spacing, and then over 10″ long.

Under black light the front buffers have a new red paint on them.  Other colors do not fluoresce and appear to old paint.  Condition is excellent.

Stevens’s Model Dockyard was a company which made and sold models, toys and parts for modellers (not to be confused with the original Model Dockyard or Clyde Model Dockyard – different companies dealing in similar products). Established 1843, it was located in Aldgate, London.

Their products included model sailing boats and hulls, steam boats, boat fittings, stationary steam engines, machine tools, marine engines, railway locomotives, railway rolling stock, track, lineside accessories, steam engine parts, clockwork motors, hydraulic motors, boilers, electric motors, electrical novelties, telegraphs, electrical accessories, optical instruments and books. They also sold Meccano, Klipit and other branded items.[1] Most of their products appear to have been made in the company’s own workshops, but there may have been some items bought in and rebranded.


Overall the toy is 10” long and a height of 6.5” at the stack.  It is old, likely from the 19th century so gauge isn’t obvious.

We have a 3” measurement between the wheel insides.  then we have a 3.5” measurement from the wheels outsides.

There are 3 wick locations/and the burner is there.  The owner believes all the parts, etc are there and in good condition.

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