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Tin Battleship Toy for Sale – German or Japanese, Ward Kimball Collection *SOLD*

Tin Battleship Toy for sale- German or Japanese, Ward Kimball Collection

This ship is a beast at about 23″ long and a tour-de-force of tin and soldier work with hand painting.  At one point, this was attributed to Bing toy works, but as of late, the attribution has drifted towards a Japanese tin maker.

Our personal thoughts is that this is indeed a Japanese maker as it has a light on the front and earlier Japanese hallmarks.  The hand painting is excellent and the colors really pop.

Size is around 23″, but the toy is exceptionally tall and has a stronger toy proportion.  It is tall and masts are all metal.

One small door on the starboard side is missing by the bridge.  One cannon tube is missing.

The toy is unrestored and in very good condition for its age.  -Fragile, but original.